Ukraine as you didn’t imagined it

A new special IFDM edition leading into the heart of the Ukrainian market with its economic and design approach

The Interior Mebel Kiev exhibition is the ideal moment to analyze the Ukrainian market and its current economic trend, and so much more. The result is a reflection – elaborated within the 36 pages of the new special edition of IFDM – on the potential of a territory that still has a lot to offer to the Italian and international furnishing sector.

Witness of this ‘positive energy’ are the numerous brands that become the protagonists of the Interior Mebel event, as well as the companies that have opened new stores in the city; the are architects – such as Loft Bureau, Yod Studio, YoDezeen and Segey Makhno Architects – who sign hospitality projects in the city; entities such as ICE that generate opportunities for companies in the territory and act as connectors between markets.
This and much more on the new Kiev on Design by IFDM.