Love the past – Invent the future

On occasion of Maison&Objet, Richard Ginori invents a special mise en scène on the brand's history and future, at the exclusive Hôpital Laennec Chapel venue

Babele Collection by Richard Ginori - Photo © Marco Bertolini

Richard Ginori presented ‘Love the Past – Invent the Future’ for Maison& Objet, an exhibition path combined with an aesthetic-emotional journey, exalting the refined Florentine atelier and its fine collections.

Conceived as a theatrical representation curated by a creative team in collaboration with Riccardo Barthel, the exhibition is staged in the Hôpital Laennec Chapel, rue de Sèvres 40 which became the headquarters of Kering and Balenciaga in 2016, following extensive works to restore it to a usable condition, transforming it into an office facility. Erected in 1634 and considered an architectonic jewel, the historic complex extends over 17,000 sqm and includes a chapel located in its centre, constructed under Louis XIII, which hosts a series of works by contemporary artists from the Pinault Collection. An ancient venue which also embraces contemporaneity thanks to recent interventions, representing Richard Ginori brand values, between past and future, technical invention and aesthetics, function and emotion.

The installation is constructed around visitors along a visual path leading from iconic pieces to reinterpretations of objects with over a century of history, from hand-painted porcelain capsules to the contemporary and virtuous mise en place Babele, in new black and green tonalities. During the event, the Richard Ginori personalisation project is brought to life by painting workshops, with focus on understanding the inherent beauty of objects, while looking to the future.