Experiential showcases

Showrooms as themes which have inspired Maison&Objet, or exhibition spaces guiding Déco Off. This major theme embraces the city, defining Paris design week

Photo © Alessandro Colle

What will happen if the digital world changes the rules of trade, transforming once passive consumers into hyper-stimulated and hyper-informed individuals, or if social networks revolutionise the concept of desirability? These reflections underpin the concept guide of this year’s first edition of Maison&Objet (January 19th-23rd), entitled Show-room and developed inside the Espace d’Inspirations. The platform par excellence dedicated to decoration with its three macro-sections – Maison for interior decorations, Objet for concept and retail, and Influences for the luxury, design and architecture segment – M&O focuses on particular on new purchasing dynamics. Vincent Grégoire from the agency NellyRodi who developed the concept, explains: «With the arrival of Instagram in particular, consumers have become advisers and influencers: they are able to share and exhibit their sudden strokes of genius, exhibit and position themselves. This is the new trend we call “Show-Roomization”: it’s no longer the product which makes the consumer, rather it’s the consumer who makes the product. Consumers no longer want to listen to stories, they want to live experiences: showrooms and shops become show and experimentation venues». Espace d’Inspirations becomes an interactive place, actually giving visitors the chance to get to grips with furnishings. The stage of M&O offers a taste of this concept, reinforced by its practical implementation in Déco Off. Indeed over one hundred international fabric editeurs will open their doors to the public all around the city.