The executive rigour of the new Nahoor lamps

Lamps presented by Nahoor at the Pure area, Imm Cologne, are much more than mere sources of light. In particular, this year the company has chosen to focus on the multi-faceted world of lighting through fundamental project elements, capable of defining interiors and ambience.

Simple and essential forms steeped in acute executive rigour are key notes in all solutions, articulated in modular structures as well as series compositions, reinforcing an aesthetic concept where the formal geometric matrix reigns supreme.

The agile and flexible Chilum for example, features a light fixture which confers new elasticity upon light, in its table, floor, wall hung or suspended versions. Eleda is characterised by a surface ablaze with sparkling gold reflexes, embracing the purity of light in a perfect framing, all masterfully crafted from Murano glass. Iscar features a captivating interlocking structure, for a creative balance between different light sizes. Kira features a luminous nucleus supported by a long and precious “fibre” which propagates it through space. May consists of a thin and elegant straight suspended piece which traces the path of a ray of light to interrupt the homogeneity of space. In Newi, volume works together with the magic of opalescent light, weaving the outline for continuously renewed interiors.

New products are presented as variations of pure and simple forms, characterised by colours similar to those of materials used, masterfully developed by craftsmen. A range of proposals which confirms the uniqueness of each lamp, coming soon to Maison&Objet Paris, after the Cologne event.