Infinite levels of light

The brilliant designer from Prague, who is Guest of Honour 2018 and well-known for her spectacular lamps, has designed this year’s Das Haus – Interiors on Stage project, which gives light a primary role in defining the living environment. The Light Levels are therefore as varied as the atmospheres that they create: light to represent, for creative work, light to relax, for personal care or to dress, light to be alone or to welcome others. Das Haus becomes a journey through different emotional states, in which every room – which revolves around a central living room – not only has a practical function, but above all satisfies emotional needs. Different moods of light, transparencies, materials and colors will guide the visitor. It is a sensual, yet very minimalist house, a place for rest and above all a place of air and light where you can lose yourself in thought.

How is your Das Haus structured?
Light Levels is the name of my Das Haus project. The concept will present light from different points of view. There will be a larger light scale to see. The space is divided into several zones: Living zone, Relax zone, Inspiration zone, Dress zone, Spirit zone and terrace.
In the Relax zone you will find a brand new light piece called IVY which is very soft and organic in its shape while in the Inspiration zone you can enjoy an etherial sensation of translucent pieces with a lot of glass. Dressing zone is a place for self-expression and personal treasures. I prefer other things rather than cooking and that is why the kitchen was not part of my idea when I conceived the house.

What role do furniture play in the space? And what kind of furniture does it include?
I would like to display stories of light and furniture pieces. As I said, each light has been chosen or designed in a way that fits the zone where it is situated. I designed lounge pieces for TON company and a sofa for the Croatian company Prostoria. This was the perfect model for me. I had this idea already and was happy to manufacture it for Das Haus exclusively. For the rest of the space I chose great pieces from brands I admire, such as Moroso, ClassiCon, Glas italia etc.

How should the lighting elements be? Functional or decorative?
Within the Das Haus concepts are different. All of the new lights were designed for and manufactured by Brokis company and I tried to come up with pieces fitting just for the actual rooms in the house. There are also products such as IVY or Jack o’lantern wall light which can be employed as systems for bigger projects but also as single pieces for residential spaces. BIG ONE is conceived for retail and projects mostly. While Brokis lights are considered decorative and functional as well.

Light permeates everything. So how can you manage this entity?
Light is a phenomenon. I love working and experimenting with it. It started as a natural result of fire which I translated into a glowing object in the middle of Das Haus, called PURO FIRE made of Puro light tubes by Brokis.

What is the relationship between materials and their reactions to light? Do they show any preference?
Material is a substance or combination of substances that constitutes an object. Objects identify the space around us. A material can reflect or absorb the light therefore each room in the house is made of different materials to enhance the effect and to stress out what really matters.