The Smart Home according to Lapalma

At IMM 2018 the Lapalma home transforms itself into a Smart Home, a coherent evolution of last year's concept, Home. The new warmth. Both residential and work interiors we inhabit no longer settle for being comfortable and fully exploitable. They have evolved into 'intelligent' and 'hybrid' solutions, continuously transforming and adapting to relentlessly changing requirements, while maintaining the same level of functionality and aesthetics.

The upholstered system Plus by Francesco Rota, the company's art director since 2013, is transformable and customisable. 'Soft' seating modules, characterised by square, rectangular and U-shaped forms, backs in a variety of lengths, ottomans and matching cushions, arm rests and integrable side tables make this furnishing system infinitely (re)combinable in an array of configurations and functional spaces, for home, office and even public interiors.
A range of 7 fabric collections, Kvadrat or Gabriel design, and a vast palette of colours are used to cover various expanded fire-resistant polyurethane elements, all interlockable using brackets.
Screen, the system of modular dividers, is the perfect ally for any versatile Smart Home. Elements can be assembled in self-standing arrangements, or interlocked to create back rests. The black and white powder coated profiled aluminium structure is free-standing and features a functional curve and two different heights (120 and 160 cm), ensuring privacy both when seated and standing.
Single elements are joined together by magnets and feature panels in hollow section wood, or fabric upholstery.