Arflex, between icons and new proposals

Products exhibited by Arflex at its alluring space in imm Cologne, including iconic piece which have made their mark in history, as well as latest pieces from 2018, are all expressions of a tireless desire to create high level products in terms of technology and aesthetics, based on in-depth research and extensive experimentation.

This is especially palpable in the historic model Strips, the modular sofa designed in the late 60s by the architect Cini Boeri, now celebrating 50 years of its original design. Positioned on a central body surrounded by a stand, it is undoubtedly one of arflex's most famous products, immediately awarded the Compasso d'oro and exhibited in various museums around the world, from the Milan Triennale to the Tokyo Triennial and the Moma, New York.

The new family Cradle matches well with its neighbour Strips, consisting of an armchair and small sofa, designed by Neri&Hu. The pieces integrate elements from the rich Italian design tradition, renowned for its sculptural and daring forms as well as modernist sensitivity, requiring an honest structural expression. Elegant support elements do not conceal the structure and do not attempt to detach the product from the floor, rather they manifest themselves as distinctive and integral parts of the model.

There is also the play of Vela screens in coloured glass, which generate the interior's harmony thanks to a play of transparencies and contrast between warm and cold tonalities.

The stand is surrounded and completed by other products from the collection, including unmissable vintage pieces which continue to seduce, once more asserting themselves as timeless elements of arflex history. From Cousy by Vincent Van Duysen to Mangold by Claesson Koivisto Rune, from Marenco by Mario Marenco to Naviglio by Umberto Asnago.