Exclusive design in Abu Dhabi

An international star brings his unequivocal touch to interiors and seating at the new Switch Restaurant in Abu Dhabi, capital of the UAE. Karim Rashid is the author of this restaurant's interior project as well as the designer of its comfortable Hoop chairs, manufactured by B-Line, defined by an enveloping frame as well as soft and sinuous lines which match the location's architectonic curves.

The interior manifests itself as a sort of futuristic cave, featuring crossed ceiling vaults and arches  which blend seamlessly into the walls, sky light, bar counter and window. The central area, dedicated to consumption, is intercepted by Hoop tables and chairs featuring a polyurethane "shell", tracing a surface folded into a small lapel for easy grip, matched with a solid wood structure. The masterful combination of both elements confers a welcoming form and organic style upon these chairs. The grey colour of frames coupled with the natural wood nuance used for the chair's base and legs, manifest themselves as single notes of colour, in contrast with the white of the space's "magmatic" enclosure. 

Following on from the project for the first Switch in Dubai and with this new Abu Dhabi restaurant furnished with Hoop chairs, once more the starchitect Rashid brings his idea of design to the Emirates, with the aim of creating connections between people through a "humanised", free and sensual language. The Hoop chair fully expresses this concept, exuding a softness congenial to relaxation, which welcomes at Switch as well as other hospitality interiors, and even in original homes. The Hoop structure is also available in tubular metal, whereas the structural polyurethane fire-resistant frame with water based varnish also makes it suitable for outdoor use. An additional version is already in store for Hoop, elegant and refined, with leather or faux-leather upholstery.