Succesful tradition

Belgium, in spite of its size and of being surrounded by furniture colossi such as France and Germany, is a nation with a flourishing economy and presents noteworthy import figures of Italian furniture (and not only). In this scenario, it is no surprise that the Brussels Furniture Fair has become a very important event in the already rich event schedule.


7 pavilions hosting over 270 exhibitors (over 60% from overseas), a layout that did not require drastic changes, but only adjustments and that over the years has found its own working recipe.


No revolution occurred, but some significant changes have been made: the logo of the event was revisioned, following more linear style close to the concept of design; an aspect that has allowed to refresh the overall image of the event making it more elegant. The change of the logo introduces a willingness to rejuvenate both the mood of the event and the content proposed to the visitors.


In 2017 the Brussels Furniture Fair offers not only the rich exhibition space: works that represent the result of the relationship between the Belgian design system and the industry are showcased in pavilion 3, integrated with meetings on the subject; The traditional Balthazar Award contest has seen this year the victory of Mintjens Groep (best Belgian proposal), Era Grupa (best international product), Theuns (best sustainable eco-solution) and Recor Group (most innovative product)