Unesco and Knoll: a renewed partnership

Discrete, elegant yet sober allure, coupled with the company’s experience and professionalism, at the service of complexes and high-calibre customised creations. Designers entrusted with restructuring the Unesco headquarters, completed between 1953 and 1958 by internationally acclaimed designers and architects, have reconfirmed Knoll as one of the project’s suppliers.

Just like in the original project dating back to 1958, Conference armchairs from the Eero Saarinen have been used inside the main auditorium which houses a staggering 800 conference chairs and in the Secretariat, in one of the three buildings of the Place the Fontenoy complex.

With the Unesco project the company has reaffirmed its design process, originally forged by its founder, Florence, creator of a Planning Unit, where the experience and professionalism of architectures, interior designers and technicians blend seamlessly with a capacity for product customisation, quality materials and a complete service, from design through to installation, directly managed with the client.

With this project Knoll has further broadened its offer, presented on occasion of the launch of its new Contract & Hospitality catalogue, in which the company’s iconic products reign supreme, expressing values and aspirations in the design of interiors for different companies and bodies.