Elledue: when luxury meets industrial

An eventful week for the design world in Moscow: In addition to some unexpected surprises for iSaloni Worldwide, around the event, the investments in distribution are changing featuring new signs of transformation in the showcased moods.

A commercial and marketing achievement accomplished by Elledue, a historic Brianza-based company that has always made of craftsmanship and quality its strengths: the vast space occupied by Studio 38 in Moscow represents a showcase within the showcase, a display of great visibility in a strategic geographic position within the prosperous Russian market.

We are on Ul. Boitsova, one of the main streets leading to the center of Moscow, the main route that alternates embassies, consulates and private residences.

In this context, Studio 38, a multi-brand showroom with an interior that recalls the industrial style, has reopened after a change of ownership and deep restructuring, a concept far more in line with cosmopolitan cities such as New York or London, and unexpected (in a positive way) in Moscow.

In this framework is included the best of Elledue collections, where they are harmoniously situated and enhance each other through contrasting dynamics: the Ulysse collection with sofa, armchairs, table and coffee table delicately introduces the Quattrocento kitchen.

Studio 38 welcomes international furnishings brands, each in an adequate and breathtaking area with wide common spaces, all in a context of modern and dynamic interior architecture. Here the collections by Elledue ensure connections with the world of design, a world known to the Lanzani brothers and for which they have already made numerous contracts all around the world.

Elledue, Studio 38, Boytsovaya ul., 27, Moscow