Henge, the world via London

The irresistible international expansion of Henge continues. In many ways, the brand’s progress is a solitary journey, given the unique nature of its product range, which combines the crème de la crème of tailormade Italian furnishings with the markedly global outlook that has always characterised the brand. It’s no coincidence that the brand’s website is only in English, while the name Henge is inspired by iconic British landmark Stonehenge.

The creative use of materials such as wood, leather, metal and stone, combined in a way that represents a departure for the market and blended with good taste and care, is the key reason why the company is succeeding in generating such significant growth in the saturated luxury market.

It was in 2011 (when the company was just four years old) that CEO Paolo Tormena decided that a revolution was in order. He appointed Massimo Castagna as art director and designer and together the two men changed tack, choosing a new direction that has certainly proved to be the right one.

“We were curious to explore what was happening on the fringes of the furniture industry, in sectors such as art. That helped us to find a different path,” explains Castagna to IFDM. “It seems simple now, but back in 2011 it was a leap into semi-darkness. We were convinced that it was the right thing to do, but we didn’t know how it was going to turn out.” With inspiration drawn from a range of sources, including none other than Pink Floyd, the company now boasts a fine set of credentials and a product range organised not into proper lines, but eclectic capsule collections.

In London, visitors are able to experience the wonderful material quality of the Henge range. Highlights include the LY Table, Strip Chair, Hexagon stools, burnished brass Ghost ceiling lamp and small dome Wall Clips lights.

Henge – Global Luxury London – 87-89 Wigmore Street – London