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After the Milan event, where SaloneSatellite celebrated its 20th anniversary with a range of exhibitions that paid tribute to its history and relevance in the field of design innovation, the event returns to Moscow for more cutting-edge experimentation and design. Now in its 13th edition, SaloneSatellite WorldWide Moscow brings together around 50 young participants encompassing some of the best designers and students at the most prestigious design schools in Russia and the former Soviet Union. The participants’ creations are the embodiment of the slogan of this edition of SaloneSatellite: “Milan.Moscow.Design – #artofcreation”. They strike the perfect balance between art and design, technological innovation and tradition, a focus on sustainability and their culture of origin. The bond with Milan is strengthened by the fact that the top three prize winners in Moscow (the awards ceremony will take place on Friday 13 October at 12:00) will be invited to visit the 2018 edition of SaloneSatellite, which will be held as part of Milan Furniture Fair between 17 and 22 April 2018.