Nizza Paradise Residence, a dream residence in the district of Lugano

With 45,000 sq m in total, eight floors, about 145 meters in length for a total of 40 apartments, two outdoor swimming pools and an interior one with a SPA – and a silhouette that perfectly integrates into the landscape, the new Swiss luxury residence Nizza Paradise Residence, designed by Studio Mino Caggiula Architects, is a unique and powerful work.
In addition to Studio Mino Caggiula Architects, the Motta and Sironi Interior Design Studio have been involved in the design, all of them worked closely together with Norbert Candinas, a leader in the real estate business, and with Fabio Biscozzo, owner of the Biscozzo Real Estate of Lugano.
To furnish and deliver 40 ready-to-use apartments, the architects have drawn from a batch of Italian companies that provided high-end furniture and accessories for the project, enhancing the luxurious style of the environments of the residences and the common areas of the SPA – for a total of 230 sq m.

“For the first time during this project we have taken care of all the stages of design in the most Anglo-Saxon essence of the term, considering design not only as planning but as design of every item of the project,” explains architect Mino Caggiula, “passing from the macro-approach to the micro-scale, from the collaboration with Daniele del Gratta for the vertical green of the wall on the Guidino park to the integration of the whole promotion in the green of the forest, from the interior design project with Massimo Motta to the dimension of each apartment and the furnishings, studied in the smallest detail. Some of the furniture pieces were designed by my Studio; for example, the Vitruvio free standing washbasin for Antoniolupi, the new Bondage line for outdoor spaces and the SPA for DFN – The Outdoor Company. ”

The dimensions of the 40 apartments range from 90 to 210 sq m and feature an ultra-modern style; kitchens and bathrooms are all made by two brands: Minimal Cucine and Antoniolupi for the bathrooms. Next to these two brands, companies such as Davide Groppi, Lema, Poliform have been selected for living and common areas and Flos, Nemo, Vibia for the lighting, just to name a few.
The result is an intervention of a very high level, both for the quality of finishes and materials adopted and from the point of view of the design concept, that derives from a direct inspiration.

“The image that first came to my mind when I was invited to participate in the competition for the Nizza Paradise Residence in 2011, in Lugano Paradiso, was the seductive silhouette of a woman lying gently on the ground, tells architect Mino Caggiula. “I was determined to harmonize the insertion of a large volume – of about 7,000 sq m of living space – with the magnificent natural background. To create this dream image there was only one method: to make the volume leak out of the place almost as if the location itself modelled it. As if the level curves came out from the ground, creating a form capable of being perceived as true and sincere in its intention to be architecture. ”


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