Ideal Work’s Nuvolato concrete floor adorns Beijing

Flooring with sophisticated finishes featuring soft, dynamic interplays of delicate shades of grey give expressive force and elegance to an imposing construction just completed in Beijing by Ideal Work, a rapidly expanding Treviso company, especially in foreign markets, which specialises in decorative concrete flooring.
Ideal Work is now also operating in China through a local distributor that, in addition to inaugurating the first Ideal Work showroom of the Chinese capital, has already started the first training course for authorised installers in the techniques of laying Microtopping, a type of flooring in high-performance micro-cement.

The Italian company’s first major commission in Beijing was the immense open spaces of the offices of the Beijing Easy Car Information Technology Co., the leading Chinese company in the used car market. Ideal Work created the office flooring in the 123-metre glass and steel skyscraper containing an area of 86,800 square metres that accommodates the Chinese company’s headquarters, 4,200 square metres of which were finished in polished Nuvolato.
Nuvolato Flooring covers the vast space dedicated to work in a pleasing grey colour, which bestows lightness and brightness in harmonious contrast with the white of the desks, coloured design accessories and spiral staircases. The clouded-effect of the flooring was created by hand in order to personalise the open space and make it unique. Moreover, to ensure the surfaces retain their perfect appearance as demanded by such a prestigious, high-profile location, Ideal Work decided to apply a special protective treatment, Ideal Hard, as a final finish, which makes the floor impervious to dust and scratch resistant.