The unassailable beauty of Agresti

The secret to Agresti’s success lies in its combination of expert craftsmanship and the latest technology. A family-run company based just outside Florence, for the last 60 years Agresti has been able to satisfy its customers’ security needs while producing stunning furnishings suitable for even the finest and most exclusive homes.

Agresti’s products range from safes to the (apparent) simplicity of a jewellery box, all the way to the Panic Room, which was unveiled last year at iSaloni WorldWide in Moscow. The elegant room is equipped with a comprehensive protection system (read article) capable of isolating people inside while guaranteeing them the ability to live in complete comfort for a prolonged period of time.

It’s no wonder that Agresti’s slogan is “Feel Safe”. The company designs are produces furniture collections and can personalise these to suit masculine or feminine styles too.

One of the new products in the collection is the Silhouette jewellery box, which is available in both Bird’s eye maple in the artic or cream finishes with mahogany borders and polished root wood. For both editions, the detailing is made from brass with 24-carat gold plating. The drawers are designed to hold necklaces and other valuables, with the side doors – once shut – secure all of the drawers. Silhouette also features two secret compartments.

Tempo Assoluto, meanwhile, is a piece of furniture made from polished ebony that can be fixed to the wall and features an internal lining in Ultrasuede. The openings are controlled by a biometric system, while the piece also features a system which recharges digital watches. The watches themselves are stored in an internal safe with a minimum of 16 (and up to 48) rotors and as many watch boxes with white leather covering.

Finally, Segreto del Tempo is a burgundy armoured piece whose small size means it can be stored in any piece of domestic furniture. The drawers are customisable, while the touchscreen lock guarantees security and privacy. This small safe features six Swiss-made rotors and a secret compartment.

Agresti is passionate about style, sumptuous finishes and absolute safety. The company has stores in all the most prestigious cities in the world, including Florence, Milan, London and Moscow.