Seven floors of light for Microsoft

The north of Munich, Germany, is home to Microsoft’s new headquarters, which stands out for a number of reasons thanks to the design by GSP Architekten. Firstly, due to the building envelope – seven floors totaling 26,000 sq m – which features enormous panels made from the Corian® design surface by DuPont™.

The surface is aesthetically very striking and boasts exceptional technical performance. Durable, weather-resistant and UV-resistant, with a high ventilation capacity, the 1400 Glacier White panels that cover 5,200 sq m of the façade are installed with an invisible, adjustable and flexible anchoring system applied to the three-dimensional sub-structure, developed by the HAGA Metallbau GmbH company.
The system can support the weight of the structure and all the other forces exerted on the outer wall thanks to a sophisticated solution of rails and hooks.
The aesthetic is fascinating and pleasing to the touch, enabling the removal of any possible graffiti. “We mainly chose Corian® because it allowed us to achieve a smooth, homogenous exterior,” explains Ingo Schäfer of GSP Architekten. “The material is particularly impressive when it is illuminated by sunlight. Non-porous material also cleans itself, since dirt does not stick.” Indeed, the immaculate surface illuminates the surrounding environment from early in the morning. The Corian® structure frames the window fixtures for a height of two or three floors, with glazed windows that provide direct ventilation and a reference to the product that has made Microsoft a world-renowned brand.

The ‘revolution’ continues inside, in the organizational management of work combined with the allocation of space. Designed as a Smart Workplace, featuring numerous terraces and courtyards covered with plants and bathed with natural light, employees decide when, where and how to manage their work. For this reason, there are four types of different spaces in the building that respond to staff’s varying work needs.


Photo Credits © Andreas Frisch/GSP Architekten_All rights reserved