Virtual identity

From iconic product of the most innovative design to work of art of ultra-contemporary appearance. Like a white canvas, soft leather upholstery lends itself to a new creative language, which consists not of painting material, but of the impalpable expressive medium of video mapping.

The Re-Vive armchair by Natuzzi Italia – partner of the exhibition “A decade of evolution in design” by IFDM at the Fondazione Stelline –  finds a new identity in the artistic re-elaboration by the young creative mind from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts Samuele Pagani.

Abstract projections come to life among the structural elements of the armchair. They are perfectly aligned with the seams of the padding, which are enhanced by geometric games and optical illusions generated by the artist’s virtual hand. A succession of constantly moving digital compositions gives rhythm to the existence of the work, which returns to its original state when the technology is switched off. The points of contact between the two identities are thus the values of sensoriality and dynamism, inspired by Re-vive’s distinctive ability to adapt itself to the body and to react fluidly to its movements.