MDF Italia and the metaphor of the journey

IFDM’s history, its vitality and the entry in new markets are evoked in the project by Lorenzo Fioranelli for the exhibit “A decade of evolution in design”, organised by the magazine in collaboration with the Brera Academy of Fine Arts at the Fondazione Stelline. The artist features an identity trait that characterizes the evolutionary path of the magazine in a creative context starting from the iconic Flow seat that Jean-Marie Massaud has designed for MDF Italia.

IFDM magazine’s international vocation, ability to connect and cultural communication are the foundation of this artistic redesign project. This work is inspired by the concepts of travel, movement and dynamism. Its style is inspired by the design of roads, namely the way in which they congregate in large cities and disintegrate in the suburbs, and features a marble, mineral and multi-faceted cover. The golden urban grid is dealt with and constructed in a manner that is not unlike the traditional Japanese kintsugi technique, which aims to combine – using gold – the pieces of a broken item, adding to its value without changing it. The culmination of this approach is the solid gold geometric element, created from extensions and projections of the chair’s design. It is an ideal symbol of the individual, or rather of the traveller who simultaneously causes and is changed by the events of a journey. The solid element and the chair, like an individual and the travel, coexist together and separately, maintaining their reciprocal function and specificity.