The copper Eden by Angelo Cappellini

The young artist Erika Feraboli draws inspiration from the nature and spontaneity of the wooden material that form the structure of the seat, made available by Angelo Cappellini, partner of the exhibit “A decade of evolution in design” organised by IFDM in occasion of its tenth anniversary of activity.

The armchair, stripped of all its accessory elements to reveal only its soul, material, solid and authentic. Discreetly offering glimpses of its intrinsic classical nature, displayed in the sophisticated engravings created by the hands of skilful artisans and made to emerge from the wood in the form of delicate floral decorations. A bucolic setting, fertile ground from which rejuvenated naturalness springs: a flourishing copper garden, where anthropomorphic figures, flowers, climbers and little lilies bloom and compete for space in this imaginary Eden, which only the strong load-bearing structure seems able to contain.
The armchair loses its primary purpose, accommodating and giving repose for the body, to become a place of peace and introspection for the soul, a picture of transparency, an invitation to lose oneself in its countless reflections.


Text © IFDM
Photo Credit: Andrea Sartori