The sacredness of the place

The artist investigates with extraordinary delicacy and depth the theme of “sacred place” as a physical and spiritual site: that piece of heart anyone reserves to beloved people, where memories are treasured. Or more generically the definition of anyone’s place within the society.
This work arises from the need to highlight and emphasize the concept of glorifying the space of those who are no longer with us. The chair is conceived as a “reliquary” that materially and concretely occupies the place of the little Anastasia who never became tsarina. And here comes the magic: the absence turns into presence by memories.
Furnishings are not just pieces of furniture, they are objects that carry ideas, metaphors of civilization and traditions. To name but one, the one of sitting around a dining table, where everything is well defined. Even in this human habit is hidden a sacred ritual, where every “room” has its place, and every “place” has its person. That’s the inner meaning of sacred place.


Text © IFDM
Photo Credits: Andrea Sartori