High-performance football entertainment

Since its opening in 2011, the Juventus Stadium has been constantly redesigned every year. This is done in order to maintain the excellent standards of a facility that hosts 41,507 spectators and is designed not just to offer international-level sports entertainment, but also leisure and business activities, providing full visibility for its partners and sponsors 364 days a year. To this end, Juventus Football Club, which owns the facility, has started a collaboration with Philips Lighting to design lighting fixtures replacing idodide technology with latest-generation LED lights.

The various services offered by the lighting company include approval by the Commissione Provinciale di Vigilanza (CPV) for compliance with various regulations, including the double safety of each lighting fixture and the appropriate light level in the facility in case of emergency. Prior to the start of the 2015/16 sporting season, they redesigned the “Atrio d’onore”, the Sivori Club and the Partner’s Club with warmer lights at 3000 kelvin and the addition of RGB points that have made the rooms more welcoming, dynamic and appreciated by guests.

Given the success of the first design phase, in order to prepare for the 2016/2017 championship, the playing field – the so-called “catino” (basin) has also been completely changed, along with the Agnelli Club and T100 hospitality rooms, with 396 ArenaVision LED devices, installed on the roof and along the technical walkways (72 more than in the previous facility), 116 Clearflood LED devices on the capitals and technical walkways, with a 1:1 ratio compared to the previous installation, and the insertion of 192 RGB bars (VAYA Linear) to create a very striking scenic effect.
The results have been exceptional, including the energy savings – 50% for hospitality rooms and 20% for the “catino” –, the color rendering, image uniformity, absence of flickering and glare reduction, which have guaranteed absolute visual comfort to players, fans at the stadium and viewers at home, who can now enjoy authentic television footage of what is happening on the pitch.