Modulnova, a world behind a product

Research and development, good value for money and an interest in the project world: these three definitions are contained in the company profiles of all companies that work in the furniture industry. However, the market reveals that Modulnova has actually turned these statements of intent into concrete facts. The company’s investment in Research & Development has resulted in industry premieres: from the use of Kerlite (3 m-thick porcelain stoneware) and glass back in 2000, to Piasentina stone, cement resin and Gray Calm lime finishes. All these alternatives to traditional materials have allowed the company to diversify and enhance its products and to develop possible compositions by creating custom sets to satisfy the needs of interior designers.

Modulnova has embraced internationalization for many years, opening single-brand showrooms in the capitals of design: two in Paris, two in London, one recently opened in Stockholm (it is not easy to approach a “closed” market like that of the Scandinavian countries), as well as a presence in all the major cities in the world, starting with the United States.

The choice of the right partners abroad has brought positive results: London, a market that is difficult to break into, is home to one of the most significant successes of Modulnova’s project work, namely Ipsus07, a residential complex with 41 apartments, all equipped with the Light kitchen.

The Milan showroom (over 600 sq m) featured collections designed by Andrea Bassanello, scattered together (an approach typical of the designer) to create dynamic, flexible environments: the Blade kitchens with the new Sky Blue finishes and Float, which consists of 3m-high containment columns (an absolute novelty) to captivate interior designers and allow them maximum freedom to design.

Research, creativity, procedures and energy: these are Modulnova’s “fundamentals”.