Bamax’s total living range offers a reinterpretation of Art Deco

Modern atmospheres and influences from faraway. Experience and tradition, as well as a new interior style: Bamax presented itself at the Salone with a new total living range, an authentic project that aimed to explore the Art Deco universe and to unite the past and the present with a European-style, eclectic, refined taste.

For example, Ribot, a complete collection conceived and designed by Giacomo Baron, is inspired by ’20s style, capturing its most significant characteristics and reinterpreting them with a contemporary twist, thus creating new, precious, sophisticated atmospheres and a lifestyle in which high-quality finishes are enhanced with glossy lacquer, metallic touches and meticulous equestrian details that embellish the complements. Here, the elegance of walnut wood merges with the refinement of brass in a harmonious and balanced interplay of forms and materials.

The Slash collection pays tribute to the sharp, bold cut with which Lucio Fontana marked the surface of the canvas, characterized by a “line” on which volumes slide and move about with markings that punctuate the surface. Designed by Giorgio Ragazzini, the collection was created for the total living range and was also presented this year in the kitchen area with sanded oak furniture and complements, available in various colors and shades, for every room in the house.