The MDF Italia family is enlarged with 967Arch

MDF Italia’s iconic language is reinterpreted by 967Arch and translated into a new office project. The result is 20.VENTI, a new interpretation of the work environment: formally, it is a system made up of rectangular tables in a single or double version with front seats; conceptually, it is the outcome of a reflection about the desk understood as the archetype of the workstation.

The stylistic feature that distinguishes MDF Italia, namely its pure, linear design, finds a new expression in the innovative desk system designed by Milanese architectural firm 967Arch (founded by Cesare Chichi, Bruno De Rivo and Stefano Maestri) and positioned on the now blurred line between home and office.

Its slender structure, which consists of a 20×20 profile that forms the frame, not only defines 20.VENTI’s design identity, but also links it to MDF Italia’s other table and storage collections.The contrast between full and empty spaces, the wide variety of finishes and sizes and the integration of wiring in the structure add strength of character to the product, in keeping with the new office environments, which are fluid, open, functional, configurable and conducive to communication without sacrificing privacy.

The workstation is completed by a vast range of accessories: from the open compartment inserted in the side part of the structure to the patented Snowsound Technology sound-absorbing screen, the PC-holder on wheels and the many stationery- and document-holding accessories made of sheet steel.