The sculptural art by Citco

Stefano Bigi, Ferruccio Laviani, Arik Levy, Daniel Libeskind, Jean Nouvel, Ora ïto e Zaha Hadid Design: these are the firms behind the new collection by Citco Design.

Eight unpublished works that overrun the world of interior to embrace the dimension of art, protagonists at HD Expo in a striking setting that tells the company’s ability to mold the marble into suggestive creations.

Sinuous and light shapes feature Eole, the new marble mirror created by Stefano Bigi. A airy, sculptural ribbon that becomes a harmonious support for a very simple mirror; Slice by Ferruccio Laviani: rings of different types of marble generate a multicolored form that develops around its centre of gravity. Curves lines distinguish Mineral Structures, the new bookcase invented by Arik Levy: the marble is excavated, shaped in blocks which are linked to each other in a way that is never equal; available in three different versions in terms of color and size.

Rigid shapes for El Lupo, the new table available in dining and side versions, designed by Daniel Libeskind. The concept is based on the geometric and tectonic connection between the top and the legs.

Jean Nouvel creates two carpets with the name “286 million years”, pieces that suggest the vast expanses of faraway, mysterious landscapes.

Ora ïto designes Venus, a chaise longue with almost anthropomorphic lines ideal for outdoor and indoor use.

Zaha Hadid Design contributes two new creations to enhance Citco collection: Nesta, a family of six tables in marble and granite, with pure lines and Orbi a series of centrepieces in granite.

Complete the proposal the new furnishings from Citco Privè line, which include the sideboard Dama and the table Ginevra, both inspired from the antique art of origami.