Studio Job interprets Tube for Slamp

The Lightning Archives collection designe by Studio Job is a tribute to Tube, the historic Slamp masterpiece, first produced in the early nineties.

Through the creation of seven lamps with a strong visual identity it is in fact narrated the history and the Company’s decorative courage.

Luscious smiling lips, dancing animal skeletons, pop-art fruit, references to the Renaissance and superstitious frights: Labyrinth, Love Peace Joy, Perished, Peace Skull, Faena Art, Bananas and L’Afrique present the everyday iconography signs who worked with a number of graphic design principles (symmetry, watermarks, layering) which underline the perfectionism that characterizes Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel’s work.

Dense metaphoric suggestions, transposed cult references and two-dimensional forms take on depth when printed on transparent Cristalflex superimposed on an Opalflex layer, transmitting the light uniformly.