A metropolitan guest house

In Città Studi, one of Milan’s university districts (the location of the Politecnico), in one of the many early 20th century buildings that characterize this area of Milan, architect Nicola Gisonda designed the renovation and interior design of the Conti Guest House.

Its three floors house six bedrooms and a living area complete with a kitchen for guests, while the garden contains a small outdoor area.

The luxurious guest house has an unusual setting: it is short distance from both the periphery of Ortica and the city center.

The interior design is defined by the choice of colors that characterize and distinguish every room from the next, all united and harmonized by the constant, discreet presence of gray. The colors stain everything: floors, walls, furnishings and upholstered furniture, bedding and doors. The design of the furniture and the choices of bright covers create a cozy environment which ensures privacy, while also allowing you to socialize.

The guest house features some brilliant interior architecture solutions, such as the division between the sleeping area and bathroom, created with a smoked glass plate which, rather than taking up visual space, adds a sense of depth to the room.

There are a lot of designer pieces (though not too many) and above all a lot of precise craftsmanship in the numerous elements that required custom work.

Everything is meticulous and elegant: this contemporary version of a 20th century English Village incorporates high-quality materials, meticulous designs, and carefully designed spaces

Conti Guest House – Via G.B. Tiepolo 38 – Milan