Milano Contract District: investors and architecture

Today, the Milano Contract District showroom will host the first meeting between real estate investors and the design world to bring the two sides closer together and to facilitate concrete development. Supported by fourteen top companies within MCD and with the collaboration of The Plan magazine, these meetings are part of the circuit development program.

At 18.00 this evening, the series of conferences will open with speeches by Matteo Thun and Paolo Asti, while the world of investment will be represented by Manfredi Catella, CEO of Coima RES.

A belief in sharing skills and opportunities is the underlying principle of the Milano Contract District, an entrepreneurial project that got off to a strong start and has produced excellent results. In January, IFDM dedicated a special report to MCD coinciding with the presentation of   Penthouse One 11, part of the Zaha Hadid residential project for City Life.

21 March – 18:00 – Milano Contract District – Via Melloni 3 – Milan