Viva, doors without limits

Two years have passed since the business began in 2015 and the event on 9 March last at the Milan Triennale “Unconventional doors – Doors without limits” was a chance to take stock and present the new 2017 catalogue. Underpinning everything is a significant element of craftsmanship in the production processes that allows great care to be taken over the details of Viva doors and their enhancement. Appearance and technical performance are prerequisites found in every model.  VO is a retractable door flush with the wall with a panel thickness of 58 mm, invisible hinges that can be adjusted and a magnetic lock.  Canaletto walnut or oak are available for the VO Wood version. Soft, rounded lines for Brera, which stands out for the rounded door edge framed by straight architraves.  It can adapt to different wall thickness thanks to the jambs with telescopic architraves that ensure perfect aesthetic solutions. For rooms that require larger sizes, VPivot can reach up to 5 metres high and 2 metres wide. Notwithstanding the size, this model retains lightness of movement thanks to two retractable vertical pins, integrated in the end of the door, which enable the door to swing on its vertical axis and ensure a wide passage on opening that expands the room. Installation does not require invasive interventions on the floor or ceiling. All models exhibited are available in a wide range of processing and finishes.