Alias, Beat Zaugg is the new Ceo

Beat Zaugg, president and majority shareholder since 2015, has become Ceo of Alias after Renato Stauffacher, who had been at the company for 35 years.
‘Over the coming years, in close collaboration with Andrea Sanguineti, brand manager and design director in charge of product development, marketing and sales, Simona Vavassori, finance and administration manager, and Giorgio Bontempi, operations manager, Zaugg will be at the helm of the brand, maintaining continuity with the history of the company and the identity and values of the brand, while at the same time implementing effective development strategies with a focus on internationalisation and product R&D.
‘The new team will continue to strengthen the ties with the territory and the strong brand identity established by Alias; the new strategic approach will make it possible to support our expansion into the international markets and to widen our line-up of products for the domestic market and the contract sector.