Projects, Platforms, Retail: this is SingaPlural 2017

An amazing journey into the best minds of local designers – but not just that – in the wake of the theme “Stories – A New Perspective”. This is the promise of SingaPlural 2017, an event which enliven the Singapore Design Week, hanging around with the trade fair event IFFS.
The sixth edition has a new format, a new curator (the creative agency BLACK), a new site (F1 Pit Building – third floor), and a new participation record of over 100 participants.
Singaplural holds in store fascinating surprises, enriched by a schedule of new events.

The new format comprises 2 main categories, Projects and Platforms, where the focal points are materials and innovative design. The first one is a showcase of designs created through collaborations between designers and brands which highlight the properties of materials, products, services, or technology.
The International clothing brand UNIQLO teamed up with local design studios Roots and Machineast to feature the technology behind UNIQLO’s AIRism clothing line.
Platforms are a showcase of designs by younger designers and creators aged 35 years old and below. It provides new perspectives and stories in order to challenge existing paradigms.
Not to be missed, also the Pop-Up segment with its 9 brands, which promotes the growth of local Singaporean brands through exclusive products co-created via collaborations between retail brands and local designers.

BLACK’s Jackson Tan, curator of SingaPlural 2017, said: “we decided on the theme of stories to attempt to forge a strong connection with our visitors. We want them to see the creative processes and narratives behind the designers and their displays in a relatable way through interactive and visual offerings.”

SingaPlural 2017 is organised by the Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) and supported by DesignS, DesignSingapore Council, International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, the Singapore Tourism Board and SPRING Singapore.