Kurv Architecture, multidisciplinary approach

Born from the will of Karim Rashid and Alex Hughes AIA, the study of architecture and design  Kurv Architecture Design Professional Corporation focuses its mission in applying the collective knowledge and experience of a multidisciplinary  team of professionals – ranging from real estate, architecture , interior design, industrial production and digital technology – onto new ideas for better building and better development.

Thanks to its multidisciplinary approach, Kurv Architecture is involved in the production of the entirety a building’s integrated components, from foundations and superstructure to the final art that hangs on the wall, also interating everything else in-between kitchens, lighting, plumbing, flooring, textiles, ceramics, electronics, millwork, materials, and the HVAC.

The  services also  include: property analysis, land value and zoning analysis, highest and best use studies, four dimensional modelling of building pro forma, project capital raising and securement, joint venture syndications, architecture and interior design concepts, project development, construction documents and coordination, owner’s project management representation, general project consulting and turn-key deliveries.

Rashid and Hughes, founding partners, describe the activities of their company: “Kurv Architecture  is a design development company specializing in the largest increase in tangible added value through the study and development of an award-winning approach to design. We like to use the term design in the broadest sense possible to describe the entire scope of the development process.
We’ve all heard that a good building is more than a sum of it’s individual parts.  Our end goal is to create a reputation for adding value by creating better buildings that positively affect our end user’s lives and create value for the community where they are found. We use design in our day to day work to shape better human experiences, hence we believe that design is a creative, social and economic act. Good design shapes emotion and makes lives better, more functional, more beautiful, sensorial and inspiring”.