The luxury surface covering has a new name: Vetrite by Sicis

A natural evolution from mosaics to large surface coverings, Sicis inhouse R+D and creative teams through intensive research have developed Vetrite, a new and unique large format collection.

Characterized by slabs of great size, Vetrite is a cutting edge coating where glass – intrinsic to the company’s DNA – with the composite application of polymeric fabrics and films, is the protagonist.

One of the major strengths is the possibility to realize sheets with a format that can be up to 120×280 cm with a thickness from 6 mm to 12 mm, in case of particular uses.

This product is particularly versatile and suitable for an infinite range of applications such as furniture, counters, doors and lighting, providing unprecedented design solutions.

Eliminating the barrier of size, Vetrite represents for Sicis the ability to think the surface coating without constraints of any kind, through colours, textures and exclusive patterns.