A metropolitan loft in the woods

Kiev immediately makes you think of period furniture and classic style, which is very popular in Ukraine. However, this large detached house surrounded by pine forest near the city stands out for its modernity and designer features. Naturally, the fact that the owners are a couple in their thirties and thus more in touch with contemporary style makes a difference. But this is not the only reason.
The initial spark was a meeting with the Dreamdesign design firm and its founder Elena Dobrovolska, who partly trained in Belin, at the Technical University of Architecture, Design and Construction, and is a globetrotter by nature. Her education and European experiences opened her mind. «We take a multi-cultural approach to work – she explains – Hence why we take on international projects. In this case, we were inspired by the elegance of French villas».
The clients had no specific requirements and, in view of their completely shared aesthetic taste, allowed Dobrovolska a free reign, agreeing with all her decisions.

Nonetheless, the project underwent an incubation period of several years, during which the rooms were reorganized. This was due to the arrival of a second child and the expansion of the children’s area around the house, which prompted the creation of a new independent structure. The result met the clients’ expectations, namely the creation of a timeless environment, unaffected by the latest trends, yet dynamic. The room, which is designed as a large open space with a high ceiling, features no excessive details, favouring light and elegance and playing with proportions and geometries.
To add character, special attention was paid to the color shades of all the furniture and accessories, including fabrics and light fixtures: powder blue, mint, deep blue, tobacco, burned and cinnamon are visual motifs that alternate and return, sometimes mixed together, such as for the check carpet designed by Vivienne Westwood for The Rug Company and for the Missoni cushions in the lounge area.
The furnishings are characterized by Elena Dobrovolska’s love of design. The Leicht kitchen is embellished with a burnished marble work surface and floor; the bathroom features a combination of Rosa Egoe stone and Sicis Neo Glass mosaics, along with some Milldue containers. The living room features a blend of Italian-made products that soften the environment: a Giorgetti sofa, B&B Italia coffee tables, De Majo hanging lamps, the boiserie Decor by Laurameroni and Riva 1920’s peg-shaped bench, «a company that transforms natural wood into masterpieces», remarks Elena. These pieces are accompanied by a Moooi floor lamp and Phillip Jeffries wallpaper. Riva 1920 is also featured in the dining room with a table sculpture, coupled with Giorgetti chairs and sideboard, all illuminated by Forestier lights.

«I don’t prefer some companies to others – continues Dobrovolska. I always put the essence of the project and the clients’ interests first and on this basis, I choose the brands from among the best companies». In spite of this, the inside of the house is distinguished by three very unusual elements, designed by Dreamdesign.
Namely, the impressive full-height fireplace that extends along the living room wall to the upper floor; a series of partitions between the kitchen and the dining room, created in glass on one side and covered in colorful copper petals on the other; a monumental bas-relief with tortoises in the large swimming pool room.
«Collective taste is heading in a different direction in Italy – comments the designer – The latest trends reference urban style, industrial production and especially the style of lofts. Even though classic style is still appreciated, there is great interest in more modern pieces that are starting to be mixed together. I am very curious about how things will develop in the future».



Owner: Private residence
Main suppliers for the interior: Giorgetti, Riva 1920, The Rug Company, Leicht, Sicis, Milldue, Laurameroni, Forestier, Flos, Missoni, MOOOI, De Majo, B&B Italia, Phillip Jeffries, Belux, GuRaTec.
Design team: Dreamdesign/Elena Dobrovolska and Alex Liashok
Photo Credits: Igor Karpenko – courtesy of Dreamdesign