Virtual restyling for Zucchetti.Kos

Simply access the website to discover the – virtual – universe of the Group. The renewed web portal of Zucchetti.Kos, dedicated to sector professionals and end users.
Responsive web design was used for development, enabling optimisation and easy adaptation of the graphics to the device used for browsing. The graphics themselves are sharp and elegant, perfectly in line with the company’s philosophy.

Contents are organised in a simple accessible menu, divided into the 3 macro-sections Zucchetti, Kos and Corporate. Each section then contains further information channels, making for easy, intuitive browsing. The Zucchetti and Kos sections are entirely dedicated to the products: a complete presentation is given for each article, and all relative, potentially helpful documents for professional projects are available for download.

The Corporate section integrates both brands and talks about the world of Zucchetti. Kos: an overview of 88 years of history, the vision of a family of entrepreneurs, collaboration with designers, international awards and recognition, great projects worldwide, events and communication.