The floating hospitality according to OFF Paris Seine

Three cheers for Opinion Ciatti! Tonight all eyes turn towards the first exclusive hospitality contract signed by Lapo Ciatti’s company in collaboration with Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman.

An unmissable appointment with the protagonists of the project, discovering the common areas and the spaces perceived by Opinion Ciatti – aka Designers Suites – who created a perfect blend of bespoke unique pieces, adaptations to shapes or finish and placement of items on sales within the catalogue.

In Paris, life has always revolved around the water. But when the riverside quays were paved into roadways, an asphalt divide separated the city from the Seine. In recent years, Parisians have sought to reclaim the river as public space. The hotel is the latest addition to a growing number of offerings found along the Seine, as the city continues to develop its riverside as the 21° arrondissement.

This groundbreaking project – the last for the innovative Elegancia hotel group – was conceived by Gérard Ronzatti of Seine Design, which specializes in floating architecture. It is based on the articulation of two twin buildings placed side by side.
The hotel itself is crossed by the river, like Paris is crossed by the Seine, like a mise-en-abîme. The purpose-built vessels, currently the largest moored on the river, host 54 rooms and 4 suites, in between there are the common areas: an internal patio, a plunge pool and a marina. Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman are the award-winning design duo behind OFF Paris Seine, they together with Lapo Ciatti conceived a system which perfectly emphatizes the concept of the whole project, the perfect interconnection between the barges and the river


Photo Credits: Celine Demoux, Marie Desmarquest