Agape’s five architectural bathrooms

Elementi per l’Architettura (Elements for Architecture) is the exhibition created by Agape in its dedicated space at the Design Post. To coincide with imm Cologne, the company is presenting a series of five independent settings to represent five architectural bathrooms with a strong identity.

In the background, Matteo Brioni’s material surfaces provide a common theme between the different settings.

Patricia Urquiola’s Lariana family is the first major star: presented with the bathtub and new sink (countertop and column) and displayed on a background of wallpaper by Wall & Decò, it stands out thanks to the purity of the white Carrara marble, which alternates with bio-based Cristalplant® surfaces and the dark tones of the new Square taps (designed by Benedini Associati).
Its name is a homage to Lake Como, known as Larius in ancient times, the location of the “Il Sereno” 5-star hotel, which was recently designed by the Italian-Spanish designer.
The first element in the family was designed specifically for the bathrooms of this hotel: the Lariana bathtub is reminiscent of early 20th century bathtubs used by the great masters of Milan and is characterized by its compactness and by the stark contrast between the delicate curves and bold cuts of the double shell.

Next is the natural oak composition, which casually mixes elements of the Lato and Flat XL systems, accompanied by the Cuna bathtub (designed by Patricia Urquiola) and accompanied by Dot-Line accessories (designed by Garcia Cumini).

This is followed by a large composition with the new black Marquina Ell sink (designed by Benedini Associati, Andrés Jost and Diego Cisi), enhanced by the Carrara white marble In-Out bathtub (designed by Benedini Associati).

The meeting between the three main bathroom environments is marked by the transparent volume of the large corner shower in the Plan-A series, designed by Giulio Gianturco and Mario Tessarollo – on show for the first time in combination with the PDX shower tray – and completed by a functional meeting environment furnished with the Eros tables and Tre3 chairs from the Mangiarotti Collection by Agapecasa.