Design Post reopens for IMM in style

The Design Post welcome party is an unmissable date in the calendar of any design industry pro. After a month-long refurbishment period, Design Post was at its stunning best as it kicked off the seven-day interiors show with its customary cocktail party, which has come to be seen as a rite of passage – a good-luck charm – ahead of the industry’s first event of 2017.

Located in what used to be the Deutz district post office, Design Post has earned a credible reputation over the years on account of its sumptuous setting, fluid interior design (which brings the space together, rather than dividing it up) and impeccable service. As the founders rightly say, this is no longer merely a showroom, but a “boulevard for aesthetes” – a concept store which has become a leading authority in Cologne and further afield.

The 2017 reopening of Design Post saw the return of renowned Danish company Carl Hansen & Son, whose latest creations embodied the classical style synonymous with the brand.

Patricia Urquiola and Sebastian Herkner are the designers behind the new products from Moroso, which occupies a stunning position within Design Post: a spectacular double space (shared in part with Diesel Living) right by the entrance, with visibility from outside too.

Urquiola also created the freestanding version of the Lariana collection by Agape.

Piero Lissoni devised the new Lema display, which features some of the brand’s cult products alongside newer creations (by Rota, Guillaumier, Pillet, Lazzeroni, and Lissoni himself), with the finished set-up oozing with Lema’s quintessential interior style.