Casa Canvas: when a home becomes a gallery

A little piece of paradise, cut off from the rest of the world. Far away from the hubbub. Liberated from conventional rules. Casa Canvas is a unique place centred around the power of emotions – these values are at the heart of this project by Thayse Viégas and Maurizio Bergo, respectively a Brazilian fashion buyer and an Italian interior design, whose passion for their craft prompted them to do something quite remarkable.
Guided by an open, creative approach to design, the couple first combined their private lives (they are husband and wife) and later their professional worlds, launching their own studio and creating Casa Canvas, an innovative space which is a private home, a gallery and a design studio all at once.

The apartment is set in the bucolic setting of greenest Brianza (in Carate Brianza, to be specific). Surrounded by lush vegetation, the apartment opens out onto a quintessentially Italian garden and has beautiful views of the Alps. The space occupies the ground floor of an 18th-century villa, which has recently been renovated but still conserves its original charm.
It was this backdrop that inspired the two designers to open up their home – they really do live there – to young creatives. Every product contained in the apartment is for sale, with the project thus fusing a business-oriented approach with the aim of showcasing young talent.

There are iconic design pieces like Coconut Chair by Vitra and Zanotta’s Leonardo table by Achille Castiglioni, a host of products designed by the owners themselves, carefully selected vintage pieces from the 1950s and 1960s and a scattering of creations by artists looking to break into the international scene. It is a haven of product, art and design, apparently miscellaneous yet – in reality – extraordinarily well put together and harmonised. The living room (with includes the kitchen), studio and loft sleeping area feature a delicate, minimalist style, with sophisticated retro influences also detectable.

«The biggest challenge is combining the modern style of the furniture with the classic lay-out of the house – explains Thayse – The linear, clean design is punctuated with splashes of stronger colour which give personality to the pieces. It’s a reflection of mine and Maurizio’s personalities: Italian design with a Brazilian touch».

Casa Canvas hosts 25 artists at any one time, with each season bringing with it a new collection, a new setting, with a total of 106 works available to be admired and purchased.
The public can visit one of the many events organised in the space, including cooking demonstrations, casual meets and music events, or request an appointment for a private viewing. This truly is a home worth discovering.


Photo Credits: Felipe Denuzzo