From Alf Da Fré to Alf Group, a 65-year journey

A company that has made concreteness, rather than appearance, its guiding principle. Behind a “silent” approach that has characterized Alf Da Fré since its foundation (65 years ago), there are hundreds of products that have won the approval of both the Italian market and an international audience.
The company’s significant anniversary was celebrated with a highly cultural event at the Triennale di Milano.

Several eminent figures were invited to emphasize the value of Alf Group: Prof. Giorgio Brunetti, emeritus professor of Milan’s Boccioni University, Prof. Alberto Bassi, who teaches Art and Design at IUAV in Venice and architect and writer Gianni Biondillo. The three speakers retraced the company’s 65 years of activity with an interesting discussion that touched on the furnishing industry, as well as the social and economic characteristics of the world that surrounds it.

Now Alf Da Fré is no longer just a company, but part of a group – Alf Group – consisting of 4 industrial companies in the furnishing sector, each of which has its own precise mission: alongside Alf Da Fré, there is Alf Italia with its international vocation, Valdesign, which designs and manufactures kitchens, and Alf Da Fré’s contract division. The Group, directed by Maria Cristina Piovesana (daughter of Oliviero, the founder), now boasts 3 production sites, a research centre and over 350 employees.
Alf Group exports to 91 countries worldwide and its exports account for over 65% of its total sales.

New creations by internationally-renowned designers contribute to the evolution and identity of the Group: the La Digue sofa by Enrico Cesana, the Odette chair by Carlo Trevisani, the Oliva armchair by Bruna Vaccher and Cartalegno, a collection of furniture-containers designed by Giulio Iachetti.