Bespoke hospitality from Dorelan

The dream for any hotel is to make us feel as comfortable as we are at home – or even more so! Dorelan’s brand-new collections speak directly to the hotel industry’s need to guarantee optimum levels of comfort for its guests.
The brand is using EquipHotel as an opportunity to present a sneak peek at the findings of its latest research into the field of good sleep: the Sleep System Collection Dorelan Hotel and the Mood Collection.
The first is a line of ergonomic mattresses, pillows, bed bases, duvets, headboards, frames and accessories, while the second is a series of inspiration rooms kitted out with the crème de la crème of Dorelan’s high-end bedroom products.
Four of the six rooms in the collection will be on show at the Parisian event, with Urban, Nordic, Méditerranée and Royal (the other two are Bon Ton and Tuscany) representing the brand’s new design and production ethos, which has research into materials and innovative technology at its heart.
Each space adopts a different approach to the concept of the bedroom, exploring a range of settings, markets and cultures. Dorelan has invested special attention into the idea of the sofa bed, which brings practicality and versatility to the rooms.