With Nendo, creativity is circular

A simple geometrical change to an object can revolutionise not only its function but even the setting in which it is placed and the relationship with its user.  This is the idea underpinning Rolling Workspace, the special installation designed by Nendo for the Japanese brand Kokuyo, on display at Orgatec in Hall 7.
By redefining the rectangular linearity of the blackboard and transforming it into a round object, the designer intends to create a work environment that stimulates creativity.

The “new” blackboard can be freely spun around in space or placed against a wall. Even writing horizontally is banned: its spherical shape means that notations must follow the circular progress of the perimeter; not only that, the blackboard also interacts with other furniture, like desks, benches, purpose-built tables with a special lateral cut where the blackboard can easily be inserted.
The back, covered in fabric, also has a special panel with sound-absorbing properties.
This playful design has a positive, all-encompassing influence on people, furnishings and spaces: the blackboard can be used as a partition between rooms or workstations and act as a stand or even a bicycle rack in spaces between articles of furniture.
“The aim is to create a dynamic space that improves the ‘rotation’ of the mind as it runs parallel with the rotary motion of the blackboard.”