BuzziSpace, co-working without boundaries

No barriers and no borders, spatially or in the style of working. This is the BuzziSpace design concept for the office. Interpreting the current trends in the world of work, the brand is targeted at the growing number of “nomadic” workers who seek engaging environments where they can meet and create professional networks with other people. This is design that adapts and conforms to different types of work and collaborative styles.

The two dimensions of the office of the future designed by BuzziSpace – based on the concepts of co-working, consultation, interaction and relaxation – are being presented at Orgatec: on one hand, an urban setting for routing daily work that is flexible – where BuzziJungle comes to the fore – and, on the other, the authentic experience of the “trophy office”, a real sanctuary where the most important meetings are held in an atmosphere of authority and prestige.

Orgatec is therefore the ideal showcase for the most interesting new products in the sector. It is here that the brand is presenting its first two collections of chairs: BuzziFloat and BuzziBounce, designed by Alain Gilles and Gerd Couckhuyt: the first is a chair with a simple graphic design whose transparency makes dialogue with its surroundings easy, the second combines various materials and high-quality engineering to ensure the utmost seating comfort.
The BuzziCane lounge chair (designed by DUM Office), with its vintage, informal look, also offers an outstanding seating experience.
Another new product, designed by Sas Adriaenssens, is the original BuzziChandelier, which combines classic details with contemporary design.
Lighting and acoustics are expertly provided by BuzziMoon, BuzziBell and BuzziTotem, which also feature in the exhibition, albeit dominated by BuzziJungle (by Jonas van Put): the structure is inspired by nature and offers a new interpretation of the conventional meeting room; the various elements in metal can be used for sitting, lying down, working or climbing. A spontaneous invitation to interaction that masterfully goes beyond the traditional confines of the workplace.