Culture passes through the lettering

Byahe: A Typographic Exploration is an exhibition by design studio Ape Creative, that explores culture and typography through the craft of hand painted lettering on signage. ‘Byahe’ means travel, trip, or journey in the Filipino language.
‘Byahe’ seeks to connect people residing in the UAE, the majority being the expat community, with their homes and origins using elements of typography and design on signage.
Signage, being an entity that boldly communicates a message to viewers who are on the road travelling to places, the main core inspiration for ‘Byahe’ arose out of an interest in hand painted signage found on vehicles in the Philippines such as jeepneys, taxis, and buses.
‘Byahe’ invites people to connect with one another through their stories of home and their travels and experiences in the UAE.

Founded by Rollan Rodriguez in 2014, Dubai based graphic design studio Ape Creative was created with the idea of transforming ideas into communicative design, blurring art and design through delightful collaborative process. Today, Ape works on various specialised projects specializing in brand identity, illustration, art direction and curation.