Artemide casts Dubai in a new light

The United Arab Emirates is a fundamental market where business is combined with culture and design, especially in Dubai, now one of the favoured destinations of professionals and international investors.
To the point that Artemide, which already has a business representation office in the city, has decided to consolidate its presence there with a new flagship store, inaugurated during Dubai Design Week, underway from the 24th to the 29th of October.  A habitat designed by Studio de Bevilacqua in the Dubai Design District that houses both the most representative lighting fixtures of the Design and Architectural collections from the Artemide and Danese catalogues, and the new generation of tools for designing, planning and controlling the lighting of the future.  

A wide range of products embracing all areas of application, from residential to hospitality, from office to retail, from museum art to urban and outdoor landscape, able to transform a space into a centre of excellence at the service of architects, designers and lighting designers.
But not just that. Dubai Design Week was also chosen by the Italian company to display its best lighting designs through the Artemide Novelties Pop Up space/installation in Dubai Design District (Building 6). Innovative research projects, optoelectronic expertise and manufacturing quality from Ameluna to Alphabet of Light, from LoT to Cata, from Chlorophilia to Discovery, from Les Danseuses to Stab Light.