Pianca’s first time at Interieur

Pianca has chosen the “silver” edition for its first appearance at the Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk and has done so in style, with a complete, sophisticated daytime area in which the stars are the company’s flagship products, many of which were created in collaboration with prestigious international design firms: such as Xavier Lust’s award-winning Confluence table, in which the steel profiles form an original three-dimensional structure and the strength of the material expresses a sinuous lightness; or like the Esse chair, for which Philippe Tabet was inspired by the letter “S”, an iconic symbol of softness and continuity of line; or the very comfortable Boston sofa by Fattorini Rizzini Partners, which boasts a strong visual presence and a style characterized by details that belong to the past, created and embellished using quality craftsmanship; or the Haik tables by Emilio Nanni, elements that exhibit considerable innovation in terms of construction, shape, material and finish, permeated by an eclecticism that can also make them into bedside tables or stools. A refined stand, in which products, fabrics and colors are harmonized in a selection of colors centred around burgundy and dark green, which provide the background for the intense, warm notes of gold and the colder notes of titanium, creating balanced, alternating oppositions.