Visionnaire, a celebration of light

Visionnaire’s latest project, a private residence in the Russian city of Kaliningrad, is a homage to sophisticated luxury and an exclusive lifestyle. The 300sq m home is split over two floors, with the suave elegance of the brand visible everywhere you turn. Contrasts between light and dark abound within the home, which was designed to make the most of natural light.
The whole space is brought closer to the great outdoors thanks to large, panoramic windows on the first floor, which run right from floor to ceiling. Within this context, materials and finishes become the key elements in creating an uninterrupted sequence of combinations and contrast. Flooring in white marble, parquetry with inlayed marble and onyx, walls adorned with silk wallpaper, majestic columns of honeyed onyx… this sumptuous forum is the setting for Visionnaire’s products, which soon reveal themselves to be the real stars of the show.

«Both the client and the architect, Tatiana Genne, had asked us to furnish a beautiful, spacious home for a four-person family – explains Eleonore Cavalli, Art Director with Visionnaire – but with a specific brief for the interiors, which were to be the very essence of luxury, simplicity, elegance and sophistication. The first floor was to be dedicated to the living space and entertaining, while the second floor would be exclusively given over to private, family time».

The large living space extends out before you as you enter the residence, a clear divide created between the dining room – with the spacious kitchen and its central island visible – and the relaxation area. Shades of white and dove-grey dominate the space, which is tranquil, warm, welcoming. The Esmeralda dining table, with its sumptuous marble table top (design by Alessandro La Spada), works in perfect harmony with the Ashton corner sofa (design by Alessandro La Spada and Samuele Mazza), which is finished in white, deep-buttoned leather. Lending a further sheen to the interiors are the magnificent Galahad and Tamal chandeliers made from aluminium bars and Swarovsky crystals (by Philippe Montels), the Brunilde appliqués (by La Spada), which add shine and texture to the walls, and the back-lit onyx panel for the television.
As you explore the home, you are assaulted by wave after wave of cosy vibes and unexpected material combinations, with things reaching fever pitch as you head up to the second floor. Here, the colours become warmer, with shades of cream and chocolate, while leather alternates with softer fabrics such as velvet and even fur.
A taste of what’s to come is provided by the reading area that welcomes you as you reach the second floor, a coffee table and two armchairs sitting at the top of the majestic spiral staircase. «The Maxim side table – continues Cavalli – is a real masterpiece of art and design from Alessandro La Spada. It’s a piece that encapsulates the very essence of Visionnaire’s expertise, with a variety of materials coming together to create the finished product: in this case brass interacts with the aluminium fittings, the blown, cut lead glass and finally the bevelled marble top».

The master bedroom is dominated by the Chester Lawrence bed (design by Maurizio Man­zoni and Roberto Tapinassi), which creates a clear contrast with the Scarlet console table, itself a nod to the femininity of the Grimilde bath (design of both by Alessandro La Spada). Light is once again a key feature, invading the rooms discreetly yet confidently. And indeed confidence – ease, comfort – is a constant theme in this interior design project, the furnishings speaking the language of contemporary luxury, the overall effect as unique as it is dazzling.