Angelo Cappellini: natural beauty

An historic villa in an enviable position on the banks of Lake Como – dating back to the early 1900s and now completely renovated – is the ideal setting for one of Angelo Cappellini’s latest interior design projects. The continuous dialogue between inside and outdoors, natural landscape and interior design, creates a stylistic melting pot which draws you in and forces you to surrender.

Angelo Cappellini collections are used to furnish one of the five apartments into which the villa was divided as part of the renovation project, which nonetheless kept the original architectural structure of the building intact. Classic, Baroque style emanates throughout the space, which is split into a first floor for the living area and a second for sleeping, with the apartment measuring 250sq m in total. The distinction between the two floors is further underlined by the nuances and colours used for the furniture and finishes.
«The first thing was to meet the requirements of the client, using antique rose as the base colour – explains Francesca Arrighi, the owner of Como-based studio Arrighi Design, which oversaw the design – The division of the rooms was also designed with the client’s demands in mind, particularly the second floor, where we completely redesigned the space to create two spacious bedrooms measuring around 30sq m each, with two bathrooms and a fully made-to-measure walk-in wardrobe».
The artisanal spirit of Angelo Cappellini is right at home here. The lounge area and dining room feature a number of pieces from the Canaletto collection, with the use of white with touches of lacquered gold leaf emphasising the stronger colours of the fabrics and velvets.
The dining table includes a table top built to the exact instructions of Arrighi, who «chose a range of woods in order to ensure the final effect coordinated with the antique pink of the furniture and curtains». The sleeping area has a completely different vibe, meanwhile, with various shades of blue employed to reinforce the continuity between outside and in and channel the crystal-clear waters of the lake over which the balcony looks out. Fresher blues dominate the wall paper, while there is a more silvery, slightly weathered finish used for some of the furniture. The Wagner collection dominates the bedrooms, while the closet, dresser and television stand are all bespoke pieces, as is the dormeuse, which features more padding than usual. The flexibility of Angelo Cappellini’s production capabilities is becoming its calling card, allowing it to deliver residential and contract projects packed full of character while bringing a unique, personalised feel to each of its classical designs.