Seletti exhibits with irony

The ironic Italian brand Seletti enlivens the atmosphere of the Parisian five-day event, that is going to end. Energetic and dynamic are le collections exposed on the Maison&Objet frame, from Diesel Living With Seletti to Dr. Seletti, from Mouse Lamp to Seletti wears Toiletpaper; those are the protagonists of the Hall 7 | now! design à vivre that recall the attendees.

The lighting catalog also sees the addition of the new Mouse Lamps, resulting from the collaboration with Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, and the backlit mirror Dr. Seletti, created in partnership with Atelier Biagetti. Mirror – in the shape of a cross – that symbolizes a new outbranching for the group, who expands its selection with its focus ever on innovative and avant-garde projects. The illumination system three consists of three mice in different positions, faithfully reproduced in resin. Seletti continues its exploration of naturalistic styles, a motif of never-ending inspiration for Malerba, who has already designed Monkey Lamp and the Sending Animals furniture collection for the brand.

It proceeds the series conceived with the fashion company Diesel, that results in an extension of home accessories inspired by the concept of “works in progress and do it yourself”. Elmet and Cone Vase are respectively a multi-functional dolomite container in the shape of a safety helmet and a vase with an unusual form, reproducing in all the details the cones that delimit works in progress, while Frame It is a light frame series with a backlit panel to hold graphics and photos.

Last but not least, the different objects of the collection Seletti wears Toiletpaper. Black humor and pastel colors characterizes the mood, combined with unexpected images and pop spirit.
The latest additions to the collection are the area rugs, in rectangular and round versions. Each rug presents an image chosen by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, printed onto the fabric using inkjet machinery designed specifically for large formats. A special heat treatment ensures the resistance of the print and the vividness of the colors.